Amie Shepard grew up in Hawthorne on 135th Street, between Ramona & Hawthorne Blvd.  She has been a life-long resident and remains passionate about the City.


She is the 2nd of 3 generations of Hawthorne residents. Growing up in Hawthorne meant that Amie attended Sunday School at Oceangate Baptist every Sunday, where her grandfather was Senior Pastor for 25 years.


Both of Amie's parents are Hawthorne High School Alumni. She loves to share stories with her parents about what the city used to be and what it could be again.

Amie currently practices real estate in the South Bay.  Throughout her real estate career, she has helped dozens of families buy and sell real estate in Southern California.  


Amie has a passion for helping the homeless and working poor.  She volunteers with The William Hassan Foundation, serving the children and seniors in her community.


Amie is a mom, avid reader and occasional comic.  Most importantly, Amie is your advocate as a resident of Hawthorne.

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