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"Since it closed in 1999, the Hawthorne Plaza Mall has been a derelict wasteland, popular with vagrants, urban explorers, and film crews."

--Curbed LA, November 2016

"Development plans for the long-vacant Hawthorne Plaza mall have been canceled by the city.  The blighted, hulking center, most recently used as an apocalyptic backdrop, has been largely empty since the 1990s."

--Daily Breeze, February 2018


News outlets have reported on it.  Plans were approved.  But still no ground-breaking at the abandoned Hawthorne Plaza Mall, the RFK Hospital, or the vacant storefronts along Hawthorne Boulevard.  Despite empty political promises by every candidate in office, there is no end in sight to the blighted monstrosities that plague the City.

The Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan, a community-driven workshop on urban revitalization for the City of Hawthorne, was passed in March 2016.  The DHSP designates five land use areas (Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Mixed-Use and Public/Quasi Public) and four opportunity sites known as Transformative Projects. The four Transformative Projects in the DHSP are sites identified for new and catalytic development and investment. The Transformative Projects are intended to embody bold ideas and further support the Specific Plan’s vision and objectives. NONE of these projects have begun.

As your candidate for Hawthorne City Council, I am committed to getting these large-scale projects back on track and under construction.   My dedication to the City of Hawthorne's urban planning has led to several significant changes in our blighted landscape.  Below are a few projects I am proud to be a part of!

11845 Grevillea.PNG








13800 Cordary.PNG


Kornblum rendering.PNG


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