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"As a candidate for Mayor of Hawthorne,  I am proactive in collaborating with local law enforcement to ensure safer neighborhoods, advocating for housing policies that provide affordable options for all residents, and championing initiatives that attract businesses and create jobs, fostering a thriving community for everyone.


Additionally, I oppose new taxes and excessive salaries for elected officials, ensuring that our city's resources are used efficiently and responsibly.



Say NO to  $75,700 Salaries for Council Members!


The current City Council has created a City Charter to enhance their salaries to $75,700 per year.  Under the guise of becoming a Charter City instead of General Law City, they have used this opportunity to draw attention the Land Use protections while failing to clearly explain lavish salaries.  I say NO to this pork-barrel legislation!  We have higher priorities than bloated salaries.

Earlier this year, the City Council voted to double their existing salaries...but it wasn't enough!  Instead of focusing on our homeless crisis, increasing crime and illegal dumping, they paid themselves.


There is still time for voters to say NO in November. Read the rebuttal in the 2024 Voter Guide.

READ THE 2022 CHARTER TEXT HERE. - City Council Compensation 

"Measure I is a proposed charter adoption that would allow the city to obtain maximum authority over City affairs, allow all Council members to appoint member to City commissions subject to approval of the council, uphold the authority of the City Attorney to prosecute misdemeanors and set annual compensation for Council members at the 2021 HUD low-income level for a family of two ($75,700) with any future salary adjustments subject to general law. ."


After the 2020 Elections, Hawthorne City Council members voted to establish Campaign Contribution Limits to $100,000.  This is unacceptable and creates a Pay-To-Play environment with Special Interests.

I believe Campaign Contribution Limits should be set at $5500 to ensure that residents and small businesses get their voices heard!


As a council member, I resolve to continue working with the Mayor and City Manager to maintain a balance between our bread-and-butter small businesses and large corporations.  Shuttered storefronts are not acceptable!

As part of my robust Economic Redevelopment Plan, I would engage a Business Incubator.  These positions have ranged across the country from a single Economic Development Director, to an entire Economic Task Force whose sole priority is to recruit top-notch businesses of all sizes.  This Incubator would be responsible for creating a public relations campaign to draw business into Hawthorne.  

Because my policies are "revenue-driven," the creation of this Incubator is paid for entirely through commission derived from Business Tax revenue.  Not a dollar needs to come from the General Fund to pay for this!


I am committed to "Shop Small," a movement to encourage local, small business shopping in our communities.  As a council member, I am dedicated to helping small businesses flourish.  By creating tax-based incentives, generating a pipeline of micro-investors & raising the economic spending power of our neighborhood, we can create job growth & prosperity for our residents and business owners.


Once again, current elected officials profit from the FIREWORKS stands in Hawthorne. It’s unconscionable that so many residents complain and utilize police resources to mitigate the damage these fireworks have in our community, and we get ignored by our electeds. Shame on City Council for doing nothing but profit!

  • As a Council Member, I will PERMANENTLY BAN all fireworks within the City of Hawthorne. 

  • I will hold the Hawthorne Police Department accountable for issuing citations

  • I will vote to INCREASE FINES to $5000 for persons caught lighting illegal fireworks.


Multiple administrations have tried, and failed to develop the mall.  With my unique experience in real estate, I have the business experience needed to bring the developers back to the table.  


The City of Hawthorne is a crowned jewel in the South Bay economic arena, home to major corporations like SpaceX, Tesla, and Amazon.  We are on the precipice of a business renaissance and the former mall site is a diamond in the rough.  For decades, our defunct mall has been an embarrassing blight to the City and a drain on our resources.  I am motivated to work with the developer to bring a quality project to our neighborhood, worthy of a home in our City.   


The Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan was a community-driven urban renewal plan that our elected officials campaigned on.  Not ONE SINGLE element of the plan has been implemented.  As a council member, I resolve to get this project back on track.  I will work diligently to ensure an ethical, transparent project that involves the community at every level possible.  It is my goal to preserve the integrity of existing businesses along Hawthorne Boulevard, while progressing the City forward with new development.


As a Council Member, I will move to abandon the fruitless lawsuit and get back to the negotiating table with a prosperous plan for City and Developer.  I will fight for LOCAL CONTROL of our urban planning and OPPOSE AB2011 which gives Developers the ability to develop abandoned and blighted commercial property for HIGH-DENISTY housing with little City oversight.


For current information on the Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan & proposed mall project, please link to my social media page here.


​As a dedicated local and experienced realtor, I am committed to implementing comprehensive strategies for affordable housing in Hawthorne.


I will advocate for zoning reforms that incentivize the construction of affordable housing, and utilize public-private partnerships to leverage funding and resources. Additionally, I will prioritize the preservation and rehabilitation of existing affordable housing stock to ensure long-term sustainability.   


My plan includes collaborating with developers to create mixed-income housing projects that integrate affordable units seamlessly into new developments.


By fostering community engagement and working closely with stakeholders, we will create a diverse range of housing options that meet the needs of all Hawthorne residents, ensuring that everyone has access to safe, quality, and affordable homes.

Amie Shepard on the Issues

Amie Shepard on the Issues

Amie Shepard on the Issues
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